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"It's kind of healed when I use it, I'm happy and comfortable."

Invisible to our eyes,
It is the energy effect of the substance.

Power of Natural

Your favorite energy,
Please feel it slowly and carefully.

Feel Energy

A healing artist who uses magical energy

We will trap secret energy in each product one by one.

Miracles in everyday life with the power of nature

All of our world is made up of elementary particles. Energy is born from elementary particles, and elementary particles are born from energy.

Secret Shop de Serena is run by a professional healing artist working on energy.

By doing so, we will create unique and unique products in the world that you cannot get anywhere else.

By touching the energy contained in the products of Secret Shop de Serena, we hope that the daily life of the person who picks up this product will be satisfied to the sixth sense and will be upgraded.

And try to make that power yours. Incorporate miracles into your daily life.


The iron rule is that it is a natural material, and we are very particular about quality.

The closer to the shape of the natural world, the stronger the energy you can feel, so we use the highest quality natural materials possible.


Your original ability is brought out,
Life is improving,
We have prepared a gem full of such energy and filled with the commitment of healing artists.